Tahsis Fish Processing 

At Tahsis Fish Processing we fillet, portion, and freeze your catch while you enjoy the rest of your day.  Open up an account with us, and while you are fishing Tahsis waters, keep bringing us your catch and we will add it to your existing order. DFO limit regulations are followed. We are happy to keep your fish frozen until you are ready to ship them out or pick them up. 

We are now open for the 2023 season!

If you are interested in processing and packing only, 
please call Kathy at 1-250-204-7554.

Good Manufacturing Practices

We provide our customers with quality control. This means that we monitor the temperature and quality of your fish from the moment it arrives until you pick it up.  

Attention to Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point systems insures that  all reasonable precautions are taken to prevent any possible hazard from reaching the consumer. We utilize high quality procedures to maintain hygiene and safe food handling at all points in the the food processing sequence.   Our new facility boasts modern commercial-grade equipment.

 All individual packaging and the transport containers are labeled according to Department of Fisheries and Oceans standards.   

Tahsis Fish Processing is located on the ocean side of Head Bay Road, just past the helipad.

Let us take the hassle out!

Fish Processing and Custom Fish Packing in Tahsis, BC.

154 Head Bay Road, Tahsis, BC V0P 1X0