Fish Processing and Custom Fish Packing in Tahsis, BC.

Custom Processing

We are now offering smoking as an additional service to our customers.. If you want to take your smoked fish with you then we need a 72 hour turn around.  You can also opt to leave your fish with us and we will ship your smoked product when it is ready.   

We can arrange to meet you anytime outside of normal operating hours for pickup. If you leave your cooler with us the night before you leave, we will have it packed for you in the morning. We also have airline approved shipping boxes for those of you who are flying out. 

167 Head Bay Road, Tahsis, BC V0P 1X0 250-934-5511

Custom Smoking


For your convenience, we can meet you at the marina or you can bring your catch to us. (If you want us to meet you call us on your VHF radio). We will weigh, tag and ice your catch immediately.  Your catch will then be professionally filleted, portioned as per your request, packed in 4mm bags food grade poly bags, vacuum sealed, labelled as per DFO regulations and then frozen. (We can only receive gutted and bled fish.)