Full Processing Package - $2.40/lb based on In-Weight: Cleaned & packaged as per DFO regulations. In order to protect my staff, we won't take fish over 50lbs. Those big ones will have to be done by Portion, Pack and Freeze. 
Includes: (pin bones in, most rib bones removed, fins on, collars removed)

​Custom portioning (standard packaging is a nice meal for 2 people. Non Standard Packaging additional charge

Portion, Package and Freeze Only - $2.40/pkg    If you are comfortable with filleting, you can do so. You will be charged by the package. However, you will need to transport them to the fish plant following DFO regulations. That means, attached at the tails!  We won't do any trimming to your fish. We will only portion, pack, label and freeze.  If you don't want bones, you better remove them. 

Fish Processing and Custom Fish Packing in Tahsis, BC.

154 Head Bay Road, Tahsis, BC V0P 1X0 


Shipping Boxes $40.00

Chum Bags - $2.00 (to cover cost of bag and freezing)